PPP Research Center

The Romanian Public-Private Partnership Law Review is the first Romanian quarterly journal focusing on public-private partnership and is published in Romanian and English. 

The aim of the Review is to promote knowledge of PPP theory and practice for the benefit of local authorities and central public authorities. In addition, it seeks to disseminate these benefits to private companies, banks and financial institutions interested in developing PPP projects in Romania.

Through collaborating closely with the Romanian PPP Central Unit, the Review represents a valuable platform, not only for publishing the  views of its experts but also for informing on the most recent developments regarding PPP projects to be pursued by both, central and local public authorities.

The Editorial Board includes distinguished experts in public-private partnership and public contracts, from Romania and abroad, including leading scholars, lawyers and specialists with vast experience both, at national and European level.

The themes and articles of the Review are approved by a scientific board which includes professors with solid academic background from Romanian and foreign famous Law Faculties.