PPP Research Center

Public-Private Partnership Law Review

Authors: Monica Amalia RatiuSimona Gherghina

Forward: Considering the views expressed by public authorities, the adoption of the public-private partnership law in Romania reflects the need to fill an important gap, namely the lack of sufficient public funds for conducting major public sector projects.

The imperative generated by insufficient public funds has led to promoting the public-private partnership solution in a dramatic fashion: rather than being seen as an alternative option, public authorities promote PPP as the only way to conduct high priority projects. 

Like any solution claiming to be of last resort, the public-private partnership option has generated in equal measure enthusiasm from public authorities and  scepticism from commentators, the latter ranging from moderate criticism to total opposition, including decrying the limitations imposed by EU norms in this area. 

In an attempt to mitigate between enthusiasm and scepticism, this book seeks to address the ambiguities of legal texts and to offer solutions based on an analysis of the European theory and practice in this area, which are intended to represent a solid basis for the design and operation of coherent public-private partnership projects.